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Chance & Probability

There was a longtime debate among the philosophers about
the birth of the universe and everything, the atheists and the
proponents of the theory of evolution argue that everything came into existence due to chance.
And on the other side the creationists argue that chance
could not be the factor, because it is nearly impossible that
the chances will occur one after the another in succession to
create any sensible thing, and the creationists show with
mathematical data, that the possibility of forming something
from the act of chance is very small, and they argue that
there are millions of fine tuning in the universe, and this fine
tunings cannot be by chance only, and due to these fine
tuning the universe is what is it is today, the hydrogen
molecule and the gravity and the distances and the speeds
and everything is fine tuned to support and sustain and to
generate life, the creationist often give examples like this,

The probability of an average protein molecule made up of
500 amino acids being arranged in the correct quantity and
sequence in addition to the probability of all of the amino
acids it contains being only left-handed and being combined
with only peptide bonds is "1" over 10950. We can write this
number which is formed by putting 950 zeros next to 1 as follows:

    10000000000…………………………………………..up to 950 Zeros, or =
 10950 =

and the creationist ridicule the atheists saying that if chance
is the motive factor in the creation of the universe and
everything in it, then they equate it with the example of a
hurricane, as if the hurricane which is sweeping a junk yard
and it is gathering all the spare parts to assemble a jumbo jet aero plane.
Up to this point I put forward some parts of the debate which
is still going on among the atheists’ philosophers, now I will
present here some of my opinions on this matter.
I agree that the chances of forming of even an atom is far
removed and extremely remote, but still there are chances,
we cannot say that there is no chance at all, may be the
chances are very remote and very difficult, and may be they
need billions and billions of years, but still there is a chance,
the science of probability shows us that it is extremely
difficult, but it does not show that it is hundred percent impossible.
Now take the example of the hurricane itself, the creationist
ridicule with which, the example of the hurricane shows that
as if there is a hurricane which is sweeping through a junk
yard and it is by chance gathered all the necessary spare
parts to form or assemble a fully functional jumbo jet aero
plane complete with all its accessories and amenities.

Or the example of the famous novels of Shakespeare
produced by monkeys by typing randomly on a type writer
and resulting in the formation of the famous work of
Shakespeare or the compilation of Merrium Webster
dictionary by the act of monkeys who by chance got a type
writer with paper and ribbon loaded and they randomly
started typing word and the result is the master pieces, or
probably those monkeys got a computer by chance and the
computer was also started and was installed with word and so on.

Ironically, today we happens to find that there exist real
jumbo jet, merrium webestors dictionaries and lot of
masterpieces of novels and articles of desire, and a hell of
everything in our universe, it is the chance which has made
and assembled the jumbo jet, because the persons who
invented and assembled the spare parts are the product of a
chance, and ultimately the products of the chance have
succeeded  in assembling a fully functional jumbo jet, so we
can say that it is the chance who actually made the jumbo
jet, and the hurricane which swept, was the big bang.

How mere a chance can do anything?

Actually, I agree with the creationists, in their saying
regarding of probability of happening a thing by chance is
very remote, I agree, but it is my observation that once a
thing happens, by chance, then it increases the chances of
happening of the second chance, and if the second chance
happens, then it further increases the chances of happening
of the third chance, and so on, and this increase in the
chances of happening the chances follows the square law,
this means that the chances of occurrences of  further chances increases exponentially.
That’s why we see today that there occurred chances after chances in the universe, and all in succession and resulting in a modern world.
Anything happening or forming or occurrences by chance
cannot be ruled out completely, although the probability is far
removed or very minute, but still it is not diminished, it may
take a very long time, probably billions and billions of years
to materialize, and moreover there is a lot of time in the
universe, we do not have any shortage of time, we have
billions and billions and billions of years and we can wait up
to trillions and trillions of years to give a chance to a chance
to happen something by chance.

In such a way, if we think, then anything can happen, in this
universe, even the universe itself can pop up from nothing by
chance, we cannot rule out this possibility if we think this way.
Because if all those things which we see today are product of
a chance, then no atheist can deny the happening of
anything in future. Anything can happen according to his belief.

Then is it not possible that we will be alive again one day
after billions of years from today, and we will be in the same
senses and having the same feelings and memories, the
chance of happening this could be very remote but we cannot
rule it out, this is in accordance with the theory of probability and theory of chances.

Then we also cannot rule out the probability of existing of a
God, isn’t it? Then there is also a probability that he may
have tried to guide us by sending his messengers, and that
he may have sent a last and final messenger with updated and pure guidance, there is a chance,
please do not forget this possibility, because anything can happen in this universe, and because square law also applies here, and this law goes on increasing the possibilities of
more and more happenings and chances after chances, and
if one thing happened good then it will increase the chances
for the another thing which is also to be good and this third
thing further multiplies the chances for a fourth good thing to
happen and the chances goes on turning into dimensions of happenings.

In spite of all allegations and false accusations, everybody knows today that there is a God and he has given his true and pure and contaminations and corruption free guidance to a prophet and that guidance is still today available in the name of Islam.

So why we should not believe in Allah and all his
messengers and prophets and in all his books and in all the
paradise and hell and in his pure and latest guidance the
Quran and his final messenger Mohammad PBUH.

The theory of chances and probability indicates that there is
a chance for any chance to happen, and be informed that if
by chance The God happens to be then he will do whatever
he has told us by his messages, and that will be very late for the unbelievers.

The creationist say that this universe and all things did not
happened to be by chance, but they are deliberately designed and created.

The peak of the human intellect is not in finding the theory of
chances and probability, but the pinnacle of the intelligence
is in recognizing the power behind this.

There is only one God (ALLAH), and he has guided us by his
messages and the chosen peoples for delivering his
messages time to time, and it is Allah who has tested the
mankind by sending his last and final messenger Mohammad
PBUH and his last and final guidance the Quran and the acts of the final prophet.
It is the test for our intelligences to recognize him in time and lead a blissful life.

Engg.Ishrat Hussain Mohammad

mehdi raza punjwani bhojani dubai 

Millenium Gap

The Islam Today seems to be very difficult and very strict in its regimen, but actually Islam

never was so difficult, it seems difficult because there is  not a Generation Gap, but because there

is a Millenium Gap..........of understanding and implementations......

I will write my opinions in this page Shortly.......

In the deep past, the humanity was enslaved by weired and scarry superstitions and religious beliefs and myths, the peoples and the women were completely enslaved by the humilating and embarassing laws and rituals and religions, all religions were a sort of punishment to the human race, in this time the Islam allowed the humanity a freedom and liberty from superstitions and bindings of laws and rituals, so the people felt extream ease in Islam, & the Islam remained as it was, and the society changed now, now we became totally liberated and free from every binding, in todays life style, and now in comparison to todays life we are feeling Islam to be very harsh and hard, it is we who has changed,
every thing is good, either it is positive or negative, but it should be moderate, now today we became liberated, but our liberty is not moderate....

Islam is easy, just we have to believe that there is a God of this entire known & unknown universe or space, and he is good, because a all power full mighty God has to be good only, because if he becomes good, then no harm for him, & if he becomes bad, then no gain for him either, but if he becomes bad & harm his creatures, then nobody can rescue them, and if he benefits them, then nobody can stop him, so he only can benefit his creatures, so it is better for him to be good, hence he will reward and punish us depending our behaviour & he tried to guid us by selected messengers and Prophet Mohammad PBUH was the last of those messengers, and Islam is the last guidance.
Islam is really this simple & easy! this much is sufficient for the qualification of entering into paradise.
Allah says in Quran that," I will forgive every thing,except Polytheism.
 that's all folks!

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This Site is to make you smile all the way, keep browsing, You will find very funny stuff in the following posts total 46 posts are there for your Smile, so plz Click at Older Posts


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