Friday, July 27, 2012

Urdu in Eid Funny Eid

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Melamine Aurangabad MDF Machines  Engineer Dubai ishrat hussain 00971502788707-

Aurangabad Melamine MDF Machines  Engineer Dubai ishrat hussain 00971502788707

    Ramadan Decoration in Dubai. U.A.E.

                                                            Eid Ke Pakwan Ka Asar

Ham Aah Bhi Karte Haen to hojate Haen Badnam !      Voh Qatle Bhi Karte Haen to CharCha Nahi Hota.

Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal's perception of Eid

A very Old Hand Drawn Picture of the Makkah tul Mukarramah (Kaba), 1850 A.D. who drew this picture?, non muslim?

                                                          Types of Date Fruit ( Khajoor )

Please Do Remember Allah and Poor

Allah has Said in the Quoran " You Remember me, I will Remember You,"

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