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funny urdu jokes

funny urdu jokes

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(1) Our Exposure or Proximity or closeness  with a Good Things makes us good and
Our Separation or Isolation from good things makes us ignorant and unaware about goodness.
(2) Our Proximity or closeness/vicinity with a Bad Things makes us Bad and
Our Separation or Isolation from Bad things makes us good and protected.

If you are in a good company, then you will become good, and 
If you are in a Bad/ Evil company, then you will become bad.
There is a Hadith/ Saying of Prophet PBUH, that " If a person has a Friend
Who is a Perfume seller, then some Good Smell will come from you, even if you did not purchase some perfume from him.
And if a person has a Black smith as his friend, a blot or black mark will come on his 
cloths, even if he did not touched the fire, or coal.

Difference between a Muslim and a non Muslim (Religious non muslim).

It is my observation, that,

For Muslims, when the poverty comes to muslims they becomes more religious and as soon as wealth comes to them they becomes non religious or even atheists, even though their religion is the cleanest and most civilized and most logical in the world.

In the other hand, 

The Non Muslim becomes less religious when he is poor, when there comes poverty to the non muslims, they becomes non religious or even irreligious or  atheists.
But when the wealth comes to non muslims they becomes more and more religious, even though their religions be illogical.

The reasons for this phenomena 

The non muslims who were poor and when they became wealthy, They assumes that the wealth is the mercy of their gods, they blindly follow their religion even after knowing that it is filthy but they think that this prosperity and wealth is the mercy of their gods.

When the non muslims becomes poor, they gets more time to study their religion deeply and therefore they realize the fact that their religion is garbage and rubbish, and hence they becomes irreligious and atheists, by knowing the reality of the religion.

But when the wealth comes to the non muslims, the wealth comes with more activity and less time, and less exposure to the religion, this less time does not permit deep study of the religions, and the wealthier peoples end up believing in superficial and simplified doctrines and hence the wealthier non muslims credits their wealth and prosperity to the mercy of their many gods and becomes more religious.
Less exposure to their religion makes them unaware about the filthy details of it.

The Muslims, on the other hand,  The muslims who becomes poorer, has nothing to do other than becoming more religious, as the religion gives them hopes and solace and assurance in the later life. The poverty gives them more time and less activities to do in life.

The poverty allows muslims more exposure and time to study Islam and the poor muslims becomes convinced by the nobility and truth of the religion of Islam.
then He finds truth in the Quran and truth in the prophesies of the prophet Mohammad PBUH and truth and reality in the Hadiths, and he becomes convinced and practicing.

But those muslims who becomes wealthier, thinks that this wealth and prosperity is the result of our hard work and earnings and there is no part of the god in it.

The wealth brings more activities and less time along with it, as the Muslims becomes wealthier, his activities increases and he finds less time to study Islam, therefore he goes away from the real teachings of the religion and finds the Daily 5 times prayers annoying and interfering in his business activities.
The wealthy muslims gets less islamic knowledge and also his children too gets less religious exposures and a vicious circle makes them non religious.

As the wealth and prosperity brings more activities and business along with increased wealth and more business allows less time for studying Islam, and thinking about it's details.
Therefore wealthy Muslims gets less exposure to their best and clean religion and less exposure makes the wealthy muslim unaware about the real virtues of the Islam.
The wealthy muslims who have less islamic exposure due to less time to study Islam becomes less religious and even they become irreligious and atheists, due to unawareness about the details of Islam.

Then the God punishes the Muslims in this world and keeps the non muslims in normal conditions to test all humans.

The separation from  an evil religion makes the non muslims good persons and more exposure to the evil religions makes them irreligious and atheists..

Contrary to this the exposure to a noble religion makes the Muslims more religious and more pious and separation from the noble religion makes them less religious and atheists.

Please Keep Reading and Enjoy and Remember Allah

Engineer Ishrat Hussain Mohammad

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This Site is to make you smile all the way, keep browsing, You will find very funny stuff in the following posts total 46 posts are there for your Smile, so plz Click at Older Posts


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