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Urdu Funny Tanz aor Tips

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Urdu Funny Tanz aor Tips.

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These are some points for writing for me, I am just writing them here for remembrance, in future I will use them to write detailed topics by using these points.

For those people who have Doubts about the God, I was planning to write a Blog but due to lack of time I could not do that, but I have some points therefore I will post those points here, and if InshaAllah if I gets some spare time, then I will write in details, these points are as under,.

The Atheists reject the argument of Fine Tuning of the Universe, I know this fact very well but I request you to consider it just for the beginning of our discussion, just as we all know that the fairy tale stories of the nursery school text books are wrong, no camel and fox can talk with each other, but we teach these stories to our innocent toddlers just for the beginning, in the same manner please just consider the Fine Tuning theory of the universe just for beginning of our discussion.

1) Not only the universe is fine tuned for life, such as the precise gravity, precise weak and strong field and the distances from the stars etc but Also we can see that the materials around us are also very useful and easy to use, see the soil or clay or the mud, we can easily use it for various purposes, even we can cook food on earthen ware, they are not even harmful for the health.

see the stones, see the metals, see the wood, see the other materials which we can synthesize such as plastics, other chemicals and even clothes and cotton.See the materials, see the Chemicals See the Petroleum, How cheap and harmless are these materials.

all these thing and see the food, see the various grains, the grains are easy to crush, they are not hard like the seeds of date palm, see the fruits and cucumbers, summer squash and okra and onion and potatoes and garlic and see the salt, how useful they are.

(2) See the Arabs, these are the people who were left to live or die on a dry desert, but now the same desert gave them petroleum and now they are eating and drinking better than the paradise. this is the reward for helping the prophet.

(3) Today we are worried that our enemies are abundant and they are dominant and they are controlling the world and we are crushed and marginalized, but Think, if We had the sciences (instead of these enemies), then today we might have been dominant, and every body might have been Muslim, although the muslims might not had been very practicing,  and so there might had not been any test from the God, There is a test from the God for all humans.
therefore today we are not dominating the world, and there is test for all other humans and also for us too.

(4) The God has actually given a chance to non muslims by replacing muslims from power, therefore the muslims should not be worried of the future, as the God can and surely will eventually return muslims the inheritance of this world after a bit testing to both the non muslims and muslims, the god can do this.

If we Muslims had dominating the modern scientific world today, then the non muslims might have thought that " Because the Muslims are following the God, therefore the God has made the Muslims Dominant", .  This Thought and this situation might have created a Bias for the God, and the God did not want any Bias, so he did not made the Muslims dominating the world affairs today, and the God provided equal natural chances for all humans irrespective of Muslims or non Muslims, the God has made Laws, natural laws and the God wants that everybody must undergo/ follow the natural course of natural laws.

Therefore this natural law gives equal chances for all humans to prove themselves to be better people in terms of behaviors and characters.

Therefore after testing a bit the God will surely give a final chance for the Muslims to show other humans that the best way of life was only Islam.
If the God can replace us willfully or deliberately from dominating the world affairs, then he can surely restore us whenever he wills so.

(5) I have studied all the theories of creation of the universe, even I examined the casimeir effect and entangled particles and quantum theory, the appearance of particles from nothing and immediate annihilation of them, even I studied the vacuum fluctuation and quantum fluctuation, and string theory, super-string theory, bubble
nature of universe, parallel universe theories and etc. I also studied the theory of Stephan Hawkins about the total zero energy of the universe, 

I examined the elementary particles, 
List of few known Elementary particles,

Hypothetical particles
Composite particles
Atomic nuclei
Anti particles
And Others

All the science is telling is that the Universe is created by using these minute particles, these minute particles became the neutron or proton and electron etc

then they became hydrogen nuclei, then from hydrogen nuclei all matter came into being, the universe popped up in the big-bang event and all re-combinations of the particles started and the Big-bang was the originator of all these things.

If the universe is in existence without any creator then it must have to be very simple in structure, but we see that the very building blocks are very
complex and mind boggling, each particle has an array of strange particles in it's structure and we humans with all our intellect are helpless to understand them.

If the universe has no creator and it is in existence because non existence is impossible, then it must have to be made up of simple building blocks, but

our universe is very complex in very minute things, It seems that the secrets of nature are in not in big bodies, but it is in very minute particles, for example
see the animal or plant cells, there is secrets in chromosomes and further in the DNA and RNA. in the same way the secrets of non living matter is in subatomic

" I guess, that if we humans cannot understand a simple thing, then the universe must be more intelligent than us, if the universe is non alive and it is
more intelligent than we humans, then there is something suspicious.

There is nobody more intelligent than us in the universe, and even we are far away in understanding the worthless minute particles then we must rethink about
our inability.

These particles are very smaller than the atom, even we cannot see an atom, and these particles are a challenge to us, therefore we must study them.

" The God who has made the universe, which is very difficult and impossible to make and even think about it, then the God has no difficulty in providing

justice and rewards and punishment to the people, The God has thought about each particle and it's interaction mechanism. before he created it, he has thought about it's  interaction mechanism, he has defined it's characteristics, so that that particle behaved in that manner to become a quark or lepton or neutron or proton.Therefore it is not difficult for such creator to do anything, as he has created all existence which is impossible to do, if he can do impossible to become
possible then he can do anything, Inalaahaha ala kulla shaiyan qadeer.

He has well thought about the subatomic particles and their properties and their characteristics and then he had created them, therefore such thinker God might
have as well thought about the Justice and he surely can give justice to the deserving ones.

There is a need for giving solace and comfort and sooth saying to the muslims in these days of misery and distress and torments, The laws of the cosmos and our life and our torments and our misery all these are the tests of the God, we should be victorious in our examinations, we should not be defeated or fail in these exams due to severity of these tests, because the God is sure to give us justice and better compensations, he is definitely capable of providing us justice, because as you have
seen that he has created the cosmos and all it's complexities which is impossible to do, therefore he has done the impossible to become possible, therefore definitely he can provide us justice, he is Inalaahaha ala kulla shaiyan qadeer, this is not just a slogan, it is a fact and reality. providing justice to us is nothing difficult for him, as he created the most impossible things.The God who can create impossible, then it is far more easier for him to create possible things.

(6) The biggest aim of my sufism is to provide solace to the people in the time of misery and hopelessness, In the Era of torments and misery the Muslims desperately needs the solace and spirituality, our present Islamic sects all lack the spirituality, the spirituality is the biological and psychological need of humans.

We will have special lectures on the topics which other muslim scholars seldom choose to talk about, for example Atheism and existence of the God.

These are some points for writing for me, I am just writing them here for remembrance, in future I will use them to write detailed topics by using these points.

(1) We muslims should make an hashtag for helping other needy muslim youths.

such as #Ineedyourcharity

many muslim youths and muslim men who are jobless and needy, they need money but they do not tell other wealthy muslims, due to stigma and feeling of ashamed, 

but I want to start an hashtag movement to help all such needy people by First myself applying for help on the hashtag, I request to all well to do muslims to apply for help on hashtag to encourage the real needy youths, they will not be ashamed if we all will apply for help.

The help will be provided to the real needy muslim youths only and nobody will know that who actually received help as all muslims will apply publicly.  this is one point.

(2) We muslims should not forget that

The Islam has two phases, phase one is an era of struggle and poverty, and phase two is era of achievement.

Phase one is the period of life of Islam in Mecca, phase two is the period of life of Islam in Medina.

The Meccan life was full of troubles and misery, whereas the Medinian life was full of progress and achievements.

In the Meccan Islamic life was having some relaxations in prayers and all other Islamic duties, 

The Meccan life was having more emphasis on the struggle and the ideology, whereas the Medinian life was having more emphasis on the worship and duties and social matters.

The life of the prophet Muhammad PBUH is a road-map and a guide to the Muslims till the End of the World, therefore each day of his life is applicable to us.

The Meccan phase lasted for 13 years and the Medinian phase lasted for 10 years.

Each day of the life of the prophet PBUH is like a seed for us, now we must reinvent the same phases according to our position in the world, if we are in Muslim countries then we are in Medinian phase, and if we are in non Muslim countries, then we are in Meccan phase.

therefore in my opinion, the Muslims who are in the stage of struggle now,  are in fact in the Meccan phase and therefore they must avail some relaxations.

We muslims have many duties, some are permissible in the non muslim countries and some are not permitted, for example, the muslims can perform prayers in a non muslim country but the muslims are not allowed to punish a criminal as per the Islamic law.

This is very similar to the 613 mitzvots of the Jews,

there are 620 mitzvots or commandments, 248 active and 365 non active or deactivated commandments.

The Muslims too have similar situations in non muslim countries, where the Muslims can perform some Islamic orders and cannot perform some others.

The Early muslims who were living in the Meccan phase/age, were availing many relaxations in duties and in islamic rules, therefore in my opinion, today if muslims are in non muslim countries, then they are actually in Meccan phase, and therefore they must avail same relaxations.
If we are in Meccan phase and we are in same troubles and difficulties, then we also must avail the same relaxations.

We muslims also can keep some of our islamic rules activated and some other deactivated, same as the Jews have kept some mitzvots positive+ and some negative-



Thank God that He did not created us like these creatures...

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Hoor, { فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ }  
“Then which of your Lord’s blessings will either of you belie?”
Surah Rahman

Sūra LV.: Raḥmān, or (God) Most Gracious.


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