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                                I do'nt know what the place was where I happened to be last night,

                                          Love bitten peoples were rocking there every where.

                                       Fairysome tall & rosy cheek beauties were in abundance,

                           they were complate heart encompassing, where I happend to be last night.
By: Amir Khusrao

Amir Khusrao & Hazrat Nizamoddin Awlia ( R.U.A)

       Maat the Egyptian

The Cartouche of Egyptian Hieroglyph indicates the name of Ishrat

Zamien Kha Gaei Aasman Kaese Kaese

The Horus Falcon of Egypt ( Misar )

Our Present Condition!

                         Our Glorious PAST

Hamari Aoqat Kide Makodon Jaesi Hae, Itna to Machharon ko bhi nahi Marte! Our Miserable Present

Musalmano, Apni Aane wali naslon ko Barbadi se Bachao.

غیر مسلم داماد

Agar Tum Ab bhi nahi Sudhre to Ham sab Ka yeh Hashar Hoga
this Future of Islam is inevitable
Quran aor Hadis ko follow karo aor Ek Imam ya Ek Amir ki ItaAt karo, Sirf aor sirf Ek Amir

Future of Islam

Future of Islam

Future of Islam
Future of Muslim women

Future of Islam

Be ready for the dreadfull future of your innocent children, this future is waiting eagerly, now it will engulf your sons and daughters, and  the Non Muslims are not responsible for this, we are responsible for this.
because when ever a sickness or Disease attacks us, we do not curse or blame the Bacteria and Viruses, but always we blame our carelessness and weakness of our body.

Future of Muslim women

الله اور اسکے رسول صل الله علیه و سلّم کی بات نہیں مانوگے تو ایسا ہی ہوتا ہے

Future of Our Children

                              ایک باپ اپنے خوف زدہ بچچے کو یھودیوں کی گولی سے مرنے سے نھیں بچا سکا 
                                                               Mohammad Al Durrah

Ramadan Kareem

                                                                   Ramazan Mubarak

Preparations for Eid on the (Eve) night of Chand Raat

Enjoyment in Eid Bazar

                                             For Eid Day Shopping

                                       Eid Day Cuisines ( Eid Ke Pakwan ).
                      Zubaeda Aapa Sewayyan Bana Rahin Haen

                                                   Eid Ke Pakwan Ka Asar

                                           Decoration of a Truck-Hamari Dunya hi yehi Hae!

     Fa be Ayyi Aalaei Rabbi Kuma Tukkaziban ( Which Sign of Your Lord Do you Deny ) AL-Quran

                                                               Driving while talking on Phone

Remember The God (Allah SWT) Before this Happen to you, Surrender to Him

Hamare Dushmano Ki ChaaL

Ghazi Sultan Salahoddin Ayyubi
Fateh Baitul Muqqaddas, Victor of Crusades. (Salebi Jangs).
In Europe when ever a Child cryied, the Mothers used to say him, Be Silent, Lest Saladdin will come.

One of the Signs of the Approach of the Day of Judgement

Atheism is modern STUPIDITY
Scientific Stupidity, Scientific Non Sense.

I prefer to Celebrate the Eid with the Poor

Takbeer for Eid

میں نے تو  کبھی نہیں دیکھا پانچ سو روپے

                                                   United Arab Emirates 10 Dirham Currency

Wiki Leaks about ZUBAEDA Aapa's Secrets

Cartouche of Ishrat

Ishrat Hussain in Dutco Dubai Jebel Ali
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                               Do Remember me in your Duaz ( Prayers).

                                  This is the Prayer (Dua) for Security against Grief and Troubles.
                                                      ( PBUH Prophet's preffered Dua)



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