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Evolution Gods weapon, process of evolution

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Evolution is proof of God's Existence.

(Note: Before reading the article, the author assumes that the reader has a general understanding of the theory of evolution in general.).

Evolution is proof of God's Existence.

The Theory of Evolution is under fire from the creationists and some religious groups, it is a taboo topic, but there is good news for the creationists in the evolution itself.
Respecting all the objections against the theory of evolution from the bible groups, let us consider that evolution is nothing but a weapon of God itself, How it is?, let us see as follows,
It is the evolution process which selects best things out of the collection and it is the evolution which rejects any bad thing from the collection, evolution always selects best traits and rejects harmful traits, by studying the perfect modus operandi of evolution I came on this conclusion that this type of unmatched perfection in any non living system and set of laws such as in evolution is, so it only can be God’s creation, therefore, evolution is nothing but a powerful weapon of the God itself. It is God's refining mechanism, it is the automatic mechanism to provide purity to the world, it is a God's mechanism to provide long term reliable refinement and ethnic cleansing to the world for better peoples and better future, it is automatic, reliable long lasting and impartial servant of GOD, since any non intelligent system cannot refine and select good things from bad things.
Each and every single thing which is in the direction of benefit and improvement is selected and preserved by the evolution; evolution rejects harmful traits, rejects harmful situations and harmful elements and continuously seeks perfection in each and every case.
Evolution started from the very beginning of the existence, as soon as God assigned it the first task, it first preferred something from nothing then from something to big bang then from big bang to energy then from energy to quarks and from quarks to bosons and from bosons to particles and from particles to atoms and from atoms to elements and molecules and from molecules to crystals and from crystals to dendrites and from dendrites to RNA and DNA and from DNA / RNA to viruses and from viruses to bacteria and from bacteria to single cell organisms and from them to all of biological kingdom, in this process the evolution was always towards  something better and good, it supported always the best, it rejected always the evil and harmful and useless, evolution is always in the direction of progress and development, evolution gives a preference to progress and development from destruction, destruction which is the cause of the existence of everything today, the destruction was a great destruction of the big bang. The big bang was a great destruction but as the evolution was a positive selector, it selected the progress and construction from this destruction.
The evolution is so noble in character that it always preferred the useful from the chaotic ocean of possibilities, it has eliminated and suppressed the evil and harmful traits and not only rejected the evil traits but it is continuously destroying the evil and nurturing the good and noble traits, evolution prefers the power not the weakness, life not the death, and success not the defeat.

The evolution is very precise and accurate in its workings, it is so precise that it rejects or avoids or destroys even a single harmful trait and prefers and preserves a single useful trait and thing, it is sufficient for the evolution to kill an entire race of an organism if it has a single harmful trait, here you can imagine or consider if any organism has more than one harmful traits then what will happen with that organism, and if entire race of that individual or organism has more than one harmful traits then you can image their dreadful future extinction without doubts.

Now you can imagine now who are the most endangered humans on the face of the earth today and why?,  because they have more than a dozen of harmful traits.
As the brain evolved, it produced awareness and this led to the intellect and intellect started seeking the reality and religion is nothing but the glimpses of reality explored by the evolving intellect, in short the religion is nothing but a direct consequence of intelligence and awareness.
Religion was offering some answers for the unexplained phenomena to the humans in that dark era of history and there was some hope in the religion for the humanity in those dark days.
Thus the religion had some beneficial factor for survival, therefore evolution has adopted it for the evolving human race as this trait is in the benefit of intelligent self aware humans of the future.

What all of us see in today’s world that there are different religions and there are different peoples all are having different views and opinions, the Jews and Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and atheists and deists and other religions all are against each other, everybody want to dominate the other, all want to impose its own opinions on the other, but the one who is most powerful will succeed, the weaker  will vanish, but in this struggle the participants who will choose the correct strategy will be successful and only they will survive.
Whether it be religions or peoples, the survivors  always will be peoples, because the evolution always selects the existence, the peoples will be survivors, because without peoples there is no survival, religion alone cannot exist without the peoples.
For any religion, how good it be, how correct it be, how noble it be, but it will not save and support the peoples who will not be fit for the struggle for the existence, the thing which will support in this struggle is the nobility of traits, not nobility of the religion.
Religion is second to existence, first is existence of humanity, if humanity survives then the second thing will be religion, and after the final and most fierce struggle for existence, the surviving peoples will examine all the religions and they will adopt the best of all religions, this event will be the summit of the evolution of the religions.
The last humanity which will survive after the fierce struggle also will be the best peoples; they will establish a peaceful and just society and their religion will be the noblest religion by default.
These peoples will establish a society which will be based on the reason it will be the most peaceful and which will be the most just and where every citizen will be so happy that he will devote his life to the glory of God.

God wants order in his universe not chaos and evolution is doing that task for him very quietly and efficiently, as if it is God's game.
Today what we see in the world, that the muslims, christians, jews, Buddhists, hindus, atheists and deists and other religions all are fighting each other, this is nothing but the struggle for the existence, and the final result will be the survival of the fittest.
Today there may be some best peoples following the worst religions and there may be some worst peoples following the most noble religion, and vice versa,  and now in today’s struggle if the religion enters in war then this struggle will end up in survival of best peoples and elimination of best religion, but the evolution is a very wise mechanism, it will never allow the worst peoples to survive, and best religion to vanish, the best religion will survive and it will be adopted by best survivors.
God wants order in his universe not chaos and evolution is doing that task for him. God has conceived and designed it for long term autonomous operation, and this process of evolution is in operation since billions of years by the intention of God, the God always wants the  best and he never let the bad survive, the bad is evil and the evil is Satan.
The existence is a struggle between the evil and good, and finally the good will survive. it is the triumph of the God and defeat of the Satan.
Today there are many religions in the world, some of them are noble and good and some of them are bad and worst, there may be Billions of followers of bad and worst religions as well as good religions, the peoples who are following the worst religions may be the best peoples and the peoples who are following the best  religion may be worst and bad peoples, now today the struggle is going on, now let us see who are the fittest peoples, what you see in the world today, the killings, the bombings and the acts of terrorism, all these acts are nothing but the war fronts of struggle for existence, the blaming of terrorism and false flag operations and blaming and wars and raids, all these acts are the struggle for existence, and the survivors will be the best suitable peoples, after the survival they will examine all the religions and they will adopt the best noble religion, they will abandon their worst religions and this last peoples will be the best peoples following the best religion and leading a best peaceful just life, and this is the summit of the evolution of the religions too, and this will be the triumph of the God over Satan.

"The Truth is only made to dominate and the evil is made for perishing."  This is the word of God.

Adaptation & survival instincts are in this verse of Quran

Therefore the evolution is nothing but the divine device , he uses this device or this weapon to defeat the Satan, so let us not oppose the evolution but embrace it with nobility, in this case we must watch out the foot prints of evolution and we should see whom the evolution is eliminating now, and who are under the elimination target of evolution and we should protect  ourselves from the shadow of the elimination by favoring or by following or by assimilating ourselves in the group of peoples who are most favored by the evolution process, this is a verdict or oracle from the reason, reason not religion, this is the one and only way to survive, we must join the group of peoples who are out of the target of elimination by the evolution, this evolution is alone sufficient for performing each and every task assigned to it by the God, evolution performs all tasks perfectly even rewarding and punishing, our each and every moment is a moment of day of judgment, each and every moment we have been rewarded and punished, so we should use our reason each and every second for best results, if we will do some wrong then the next moment  we will be punished and on the other hand if we do some right thing then the next moment we will be rewarded, the evolution does not wait for the doomsday, our resent past is our deeds and our present is our hour of reward /punishment and our future is our chance  for correcting the mistakes so as we can avoid elimination by evolutionary razor.
Our existence and our universe is a laboratory of cause and effect, here every effect has some cause, and every cause has an effect, minor and minute causes even at the quantum levels have effects, even every drop of falling water has a permanent  effect in the everlasting universe, every wind which moves a leaf of a tree, every moment of the leaf and every disturbance of any feeble brain wave has ever lasting and permanent  effect, all these causes goes on accumulating  and one day after billions of years,  manifest them self as huge effects.
Evolution is highly precise, its accuracy is amazing, it cannot be wrong and its aim never missed its target, and it cannot do mistakes by even a mistake, by observing the flawless operation or modus operandi of evolution, I can say that evolution is nothing but it can only be the work of the God and  the arch servant of God, if these kind of perfect laws exists in universe then God too exists.
The virtues of the evolution are innumerable and this discussion is nothing but a minute droplet out of the ocean of the existence.

The evolution not only favors and preserves the useful internal traits or characters of any organism but it also favors  useful external things, such as the act of seeking shelter from harms and act of using a tool by an organism and the act of making nests by the animal etc, all these acts are favorable for the existence hence  they are favored and preserved and passed to next generation by the evolution, some of those mentioned acts above are external, such as using of a tool or making of an nest and some of those are internal and innate traits or characters, such as seeking shelter from rain, sun light or heat and fearing from other animals and withdrawing in the holes. 
The religion is one such thing, the religion was useful for the humans in the past, it gave them courage and patience in the times when there was no other thing to lessen their grief in the dark ages of the history, It was religion which gave them hopes, it was religion which united them against the enemies and which protected them from other hostile peoples, it was religion which gave them hopes in their distress and kept the humans hopeful and psychologically healthy and it contributed in keeping them alive in the dark ages of the history, and religion was useful for the human survival.
Therefore evolution favored the religion and not only favored but evolution adopted the religion for the humans as an external tool and passed it for the next generations.
Therefore it was the religion which united the humans in the past and assisted in the survival, now in modern times as the humans developed in knowledge and technology they found that the religion is nothing but a false tool or a placebo, therefore in modern times intelligent peoples started abandoning the religions and now they are preferring to become irreligious and at the most the Deists, all this is seemingly logical but remember that evolution can never be wrong, if evolution has favored some thing in the past, then there must be some benefit in that thing, and abandoning that thing will certainly harm us!

It was the religion which helped us to survive in the past from our enemies due to unifying nature of the religion, now if we lost the religion then consequently we will lose our unity and then we will be more prone to extinction, and on the other hand there always will be plenty of bad and worst and stupid peoples who will be following their worst religions, and these worst peoples will dominate us owing to their unity due to their religion, now the arrow of the evolution will be in negative direction and the worst peoples will be dominating race and the good peoples will be among the extinct ones, therefore it was the adoption of religion which had assisted in the survival of the humans in the past, now it will be the same religion which will assist in our extinction if we happened to lose the religion now.

If we are discussing evolution here then one more thing we must remember that the evolution was and is in operation since the beginning of the existence and it worked without any intervention in its course in the past, but now it’s course  has  somewhat crippled due to human intervention, now unfit humans are allowed to survive against the will of evolution, modern medicines and medical technology has enabled unfit peoples to survive and pass their corrupted DNA to the future, along with this DNA different harmful trails are feared to pass into next millennium, political, religious and nationalistic biases are also responsible for this corrupt trails to pass through the evolutionary sieve by temporarily paralyzing the evolutionary mechanism of refinement.
This infiltration and infringement with the evolution mechanism can paralyze the evolution and even it can halt this unique divine mechanism forever or it can reverse the course of evolution such that instead of survival for fittest the unfit and worst people will be the survivors of the future, this is a very dreadful situation, and by keeping in mind the present breach in the evolution process by modern human political scenario it can be said that this will bound to happen.
There is a prophesy of Prophet Mohammad PBUH that, “The survivors on the earth will be the worst people near the End times.”
We should not take this prophesy lightly because it is against the evolution process, as we know that the evolution process has been crippled in modern times by our own intellects and political greediness, scientific developments, medical advancements.
Evolutionary process can be halted indefinitely or even reversed, as in the quantum mechanics the once established laws have reverse effects and law of causality and Newtonian gravity and even law of conservation of energy has no value at all, and all laws are different here in quantum mechanics, even the laws are illogical and magical or reversed.
The rate of prophesies of Prophet Mohammad which turned true till now is 80 %, and remaining 20 % prophesies are for future time period, so considering the success rate of his prophesies it can be safely said that his remaining 20 % prophesies can turn true by the coming time or in future, none of his prophesies turned wrong till date, he prophesied hundreds of prophesies.

The virtues of the evolution are innumerable and this discussion is nothing but a minute droplet out of the ocean of the existence.

We Muslims are under the Haunted Spot Light of EVOLUTION PROCESS !

The following poem is from Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (Persian: جلال‌الدین محمد رومی‎), also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (جلال‌الدین محمد بلخى), Mevlânâ/Mawlānā (مولانا, "our master"), Mevlevî/Mawlawī (مولوی, "my master"), and more popularly simply as Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan.

This poem is the First Theory of Evolution hundreds of years before Charles Darwin

از جمادی مُردم و نامی شدم
وز نما مُردم به حیوان برزدم
مُردم از حیوانی و آدم شدم
پس چه ترسم کی ز مردن کم شدم؟
حملهٔ دیگر بمیرم از بشر
تا برآرم از ملائک بال و پر
وز ملک هم بایدم جستن ز جو
کل شیء هالک الا وجهه
بار دیگر از ملک پران شوم
آنچ اندر وهم ناید آن شوم
پس عدم گردم عدم چون ارغنون
گویدم که انا الیه راجعون

I died to the mineral state and became a plant,
I died to the vegetable state and reached animality,
I died to the animal state and became a man,
Then what should I fear? I have never become less from dying.
At the next charge (forward) I will die to human nature,

It is irony that today evolution is heading in reversed direction due to intelligent human neglects towards the less intelligent humans, who not only are out numbered but also having non sense religions in their agenda.

It is irony that today evolution is heading in reversed direction due to intelligent human neglects towards the less intelligent humans, who not only are out numbered but also having non sense religions in their agenda.


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